On Douyin, Black Men and Chinese People are the targets.

In China, where interracial unions between Chinese people are remarkable, those that do draw close attention. Users of Douyin frequently cite biological factors, admonishing that intermarriage with African women may pollute the dragon lineage and weaken societal cohesion. People cite speech from overdue imperial China, claiming that intermarrying with foreigners is crucial for upholding Chinese culture and preserving national unity https://www.statista.com/chart/20822/way-of-meeting-partner-heterosexual-us-couples/.

Chinese and online dating while light persons and Germans have been the targets of online animosity toward newcomers, countless internet users even target Black Americans. On the Chinese social media site Xiaohongshu, which is comparable to Twitter, Human rights watch discovered a large number of addresses that circulated disrespectful sexist knowledge while posing as Dark persons. Some of the messages portrayed Black males as coveting Chinese girls, and some called for banning them from becoming permanent citizens or marrying Chinese members.

While Douyin reviewers often slam interracial associations between white gentlemen and Chinese women, they are far more hostile toward those of American males and Chinese women. The most unfavorable comments are frequently made on movies that feature these people, and some videos are even attacked. These stories expose a pervasive, patriarch prejudice that demonizes Chinese women and black people as unwanted strangers. Additionally, they highlight how anti-black discourses and China’s identity strain on the modern marriage market have collided, leading to a discourse of patriarchal racism that denounces African immigrants and their Chinese wives as traitors.

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